Monday, February 21, 2011

chopping the layers of onions

this is my attempt to learn how to cook chicken from my friend Saptarshi... he was cooking and i requested him that i want to help him with ingredients... and started chopping onions in layer..... oo god why i told him i want to help... cos after that i can't stop crying... for a long time... and the funniest part was..with my superman t-shirt on ...i figured out the onions r like kryptonite to me....

layer of memories

miss u dadu (grandpa)..... when i was a kid...i love visiting the ganga ghat (bank of river ganga/hoogly) in kolkata with my grandpa a lot......last year i lost him.... i had to rush to kolkata form ahmedabad hearing the heart breaking newsnews.... after two days of his final funeral work.... i visited the ghat again but all alone ..trying to collect all the "layers of old childhood memories with him".

Saturday, February 5, 2011

going reverse....

as a kid i love to sit facing back on my dad's scooter...and holding the extra wheel on the back.. i use to pretend like driving in reverse ..... it was fun to see the the road moving backward...ha ha