Friday, April 30, 2010

castle of cards

me and my grandpa making castle of cards


i had a fish tank in my house with beautiful lovely bright colored fishes. and my neighbor's house had a fat white cat called Mini. Everyday in the afternoon just before the lunch time Mini use to give a visit to our house and spend some time looking at those colorful fishes....

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010


i got bored doing freelance work..... to take a break i feel like drawing i did this... started liking the style. colouring done on track pad of i become good colouring on track pad.... later did the detailing on wacom.... wanted to do some more so this style drawing...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

video game...

me and my friend enjoy playing video game a lot......

and this is how video game gets in our nerves ....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

mumpi's recipe- muddy khichdi

my niece Mumpi loves playing -"cooking cooking"...
everyday she invites new new creative recipes and treat her friends.

1. take 4 hand-full of sand and mud in a nicely clear vessel

2. then mix some petrol or some diesel in it.... carefully taking the bottle out from the garage.

3. then break red brick pieces until they became power

4. mix the powder in it and stir it until the mixture turns into slimy muddy colour.

5. then treat ur guest happily.

Friday, April 9, 2010

y i can't be a doctor?

i remember my first day in biological practical class . we had to dissect a frog and recognize all the internal organs and digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system ,blah blah blah.... of a frog

i saw my classmate sitting right next to me was quite ok with the chloroformatised unconscious frog lying on the wax-tray. he prepared himself wearing gloves and got ready, where as i was really scared of the whole thing.

our professor told us to touch the frog that will help us getting rid of all that fear about the slimy frog and then it will be easy to dissect the frog.

i somehow manage to wear my gloves and then gathering all my courage i touched the frog which i will be going to murder in a while. i slowly moved my finger and touch the frog, its still alive and i sensed its heartbeat .

then this is what i did......

..........i decided not to be a doctor in my life.


hand pulling rickshaw is one of the transport system in kolkata. rickshaw pullers had to drag the rickshaw with passengers and run into the competition with the other motor-based vehicles on the streets of bengal. what the rickshaw puller earn at the end of the day is some money and lots of abuses from the passengers for not being so fast like taxi or motorbike. this is one incident i remember and drew later remembering what i saw in the collage street of kolkata where they are resting a bit in their busy day...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

marble game

i remember as a little kid, i loved this game.... i use to play with my childhood local friends.... kids playing with glass marbles r not seen now a days... now there r computer games..... but i remember this game required perfection, concentration and aim...and the reward is u can win all the other marbles of ur opponent players..... throwing marbles is also tough... u have to hold the marbles in-between ur fingers bend it taking support of the ground and then target it to the other marbles lying on the ground... if u hit it..u win.... i remember winning more than 100 marbles and keeping them properly in a box.... at that time it was like kings treasure for me....... few days back i went to my home and while rearranging my old stuffs..i found my treasure box again..... for me now those marbles became more valuable..because all of them r coated with good childhood memories...

Monday, April 5, 2010


We were neighbours. he always use to be sick and weak. He can’t race with the wind, can’t climb trees, can’t cycle like me. He used to get tired and start taking deep breathe all the time.

but we were friends from that time when we both don’t know the meaning of the word friend. but i like spending time and talking with him.
once i remember i took him on my cycle to a nice place i knew,where the sky met the land.

we were chatting when all of a sudden a kite came from no where. we both tried to catch it.....but it was flying and dancing alone with the wind and swinging away from us

we started chasing it...i took my cycle and followed it and he stopped as he started talking deep breathe. i told him to be there and i will get it for him.


the kite got stuck to a mango tree, so i stopped there and then decided to climb up to get it.

there were so many big juicy ripe mangoes hanging there. i was bit scared that if the owner of the tree get to know that i am on the tree he will not let me go from there... but there was no one near by

i came back with the kite , while taking it down there became a tiny hole on the kite, i showed it to him and told him i can fix it,

he smiled at me,.the to make him really happy i showed him my other hand and RAJ jumped with joy.....

RAJ died after few years ,we were in class eight then .... i had managed to
fix the hole of the kite but the doctor’s could not fix
the tiny hole in his heart. miss u Raj

Friday, April 2, 2010

the black beauty....

i was reading a book by rabindranath.... where i read about a dark tribal girl wearing leon short sari....and sitting on a river bank with waterpot....... i so started loving the description that i can't stop myself drawing her in my own way...