Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Panchyakanya - KUNTI (Mahabharata)....

Kunti was the wife of prince Pandu of Hastinapur, the mother of the Pandava brothers of Mahabharat.

Kunti's character within the Mahābhārata is accorded much respect within the Hindu tradition. Her activities were that of a very pious and loyal wife and of a person with a great deal of self-control. Kunti was given a special boon which enabled her to bear the sons of great celestial devas as many times as she wished.
After the death of Pandu and Madri, Kunti was left to tend for all five sons. After the great battle of Kurukshetra and in her old age, she goes in exile to the forest, with her brothers-in-law Dhritarashtra and Vidura, and Dhritarashtra's wife Gandhari where they die together in a forest fire.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Panchyakanya - DRAUPADI (Mahabharata-hindu epic mythology)

Draupadi was one of the bravest and strongest characters in the Mahabharat.Born with a fiery spirit, Draupadi demonstrated time and again that she had the courage to stand up for justice.

mahabharata, draupadi
In one of the pivotal scenes of the Mahabharat, the malicious crown prince, Duryodhan, challenged Yudhishthir, the eldest Pandava, to a game of dice.Duryodhan used loaded dice and eventually won Yudhishthir’s wealth, belongings, kingdom, brothers, and even Yudhishthir himself. Yudhishthir then put Draupadi up at stake and lost the game again. Duryodhan’s brother, Dushasan, forcibly brought Draupadi to the court, dragging her by her hair. Draupadi was forced to listen to the insults of Duryodhan, Dushasan, Karna, and Shakuni. On Duryodhan’s order, Dushasan even attempted to disrobe her in front of everyone, but Shri Krishna protected her honor by providing her with an unending sari; as Dushasan unwrapped layers and layers of her sari, it miraculously kept getting extended.
In the entire court, Draupadi was the only person who was standing up for justice. She lashed out against the entire court, stupefying all with her logic. Draupadi challenged even the most elderly and respected people in the court. She spoke furiously and bluntly with the king, which even the court elders did not have the courage to do. She called upon everyone present to protect her and when no one answered her pleas, she prayed to Krishna and he protected her.
In her resolve to protect Dharma(rightful act), Draupadi vowed to keep her hair unkempt (which was considered undignified at that time) until she got the justice of Dharma.