Friday, April 9, 2010

y i can't be a doctor?

i remember my first day in biological practical class . we had to dissect a frog and recognize all the internal organs and digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system ,blah blah blah.... of a frog

i saw my classmate sitting right next to me was quite ok with the chloroformatised unconscious frog lying on the wax-tray. he prepared himself wearing gloves and got ready, where as i was really scared of the whole thing.

our professor told us to touch the frog that will help us getting rid of all that fear about the slimy frog and then it will be easy to dissect the frog.

i somehow manage to wear my gloves and then gathering all my courage i touched the frog which i will be going to murder in a while. i slowly moved my finger and touch the frog, its still alive and i sensed its heartbeat .

then this is what i did......

..........i decided not to be a doctor in my life.

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skhajone said...

Wish i could put down things on my mind like you :)