Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BEHULA- and the snake goddess manosha

Behula is the heroine in the Manasamangal genre of Bengal medieval epics. According to the Manasavijay (late 15th century). Behula got married with Lakhindar. Lakhindar's father, Chand Sadgar, angered Manasa, who caused Lakhindar to be bitten by a snake on his wedding night, though he and Behula were enclosed in an iron made house. Behula sailed alone with her husband's dead body on a boat leaving all her fear behind and finally appeased the goddess and brought Lakhindar back to life.

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Miya Hunter said...

Wrong thing. Bengali people like to claim everything as theirs. Behula,Chand saudagar and lakhinder. Their homes are still there in Assam. They were tribal people worshiping Shiva.