Sunday, March 10, 2013

bengali wedding card design

sayantan halder

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sayantan halder


smaarthomes said...
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anuroodh sablawat said...

Beautiful design and you did very good job.

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Jimmy Johns said...

Wedding Invitation Cards The Fairy Factory is a design studio founded specifically to fashion handcrafted bespoke wedding and event stationery for a cosmopolitan clientele with sophisticated and exacting tastes. When crafting our fine handmade cards we pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail, precision in our execution and devotion to personalized attention and service. We have the experience to deliver beyond expectation and passionately maintain an unparalleled level of quality.

worksai kumar said...

Impressive! I really like this blog.
Thanks for giving this information…
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Soumi Talukdar said...

The design is so good...please get in touch with me as I am very interested in this card design.